the inside.


a motivated label ( since 2018 ) on the mission to travel the world with music, food & art projects. our team loves to digg the hidden souls in the music industry and help them to travel around the world.

-its all about positive energy and patience-

éspassiert support artists who show – personally and as an artist – love. its not just about dropping music at parties. its about having a great time and get inspired by unexpected things.

the correct mindset matters to our production-team.

we ́re all spreading our love and our knowledge to the world. our inspiration came from music like J.Dilla, Fela Kuti and Ninja Tunes. the teachers we had ( still have ) were people who moved something.

we want to spread important knowledge and manners to the world.our energy comes from traveling the world, seeing different cultures and exchange with new artists. please, let us know if this is sounding good for you, cause maybe we will spent time together soon.

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